“Justice? -You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law.” William Gaddis


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We assist our French and international clients in their legal proceedings.

LEGAL WORKSHOP is a law firm specialising in employment law. We have been active in Toulouse/Occitania for many years, providing advice and litigation services.


The plan to set up a law firm in line with our values came to fruition in 2019.

LEGAL WORKSHOP soon embarked on a certification process to obtain the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which attests to a commitment to the quality of our working and management methods.

With a team of four lawyers and a legal assistant, the firm is continuing to expand, working closely with its clients.


The responsiveness, transparency, simplicity and efficiency expected of a key partner


The quality of our advice and strategy, based on over 20 years' experience


A strong commitment to the environment, as the firm is 100% digital




A dedicated team of experts, tailored support.


The firm's

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The firm's lawyers have a wealth of experience, which is reflected in:

  • An excellent knowledge of our clients' operations and their teams, most of whom we follow over the long term
  • The diversity of our clients: foreign companies, groups of companies, public bodies, SMEs, ETIs, start-ups, associations, senior executives, etc.
  • The diversity of our sectors of activity: industry, services, health, banking, transport, tourism, IT, freelance administration, etc.
  • Through the sharing of experience and knowledge within our team. We are a workshop: it is through discussions with our key contacts (HR managers, senior executives, HR directors, CFOs, chartered accountants) on a given issue that we propose solutions, assess risks and co-construct solutions.

Employment law is no exception to the rule: the key word for decision-makers is anticipation.


Legal Workshop has been supporting our group of more than 250 employees for many years on all social issues. Professionalism, responsiveness, availability, quality, follow-up, pragmatism, and courage are the key values of the firm in their always personalized support, both in advisory and litigation matters.

Amandine GAST

Secretary General

Furniture Manufacturing Company

A longstanding professional relationship has been established since the outset, spanning numerous successfully concluded matters. This is attributed to thorough groundwork undertaken on each of our cases, complemented by consistently sharp and well-reasoned advocacy. We maintain a steadfast commitment to availability, evident in our consistently affable interactions.

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Through our extensive knowledge of a wide range of clients and areas of operation.


Through the diversity of our clients and areas of expertise


Through the sharing of experiences and knowledge within our team.